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Terms & conditions

1. Arrival / Departure / House or apartment type

The holiday home * is available from 3 pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure the accommodation must be vacated by 10 o'clock at the latest. Unless otherwise agreed, the booking refers exclusively to the type of holiday home booked. A claim to a specific holiday home does not exist.

2. Rent and payment terms

The rent is to be paid in full before handing over the holiday home. Before full payment of the rent, the guest has no claim to the rental of the house. When booking the accommodation and receiving the booking confirmation, which is also charged, 30% of the agreed rent is due. The remaining 70% of the rent must be paid at least 40 days before the arrival date. If the booking is made less than 40 days prior to arrival and booking of the early bird rate, the entire rent is due immediately. If payments of the guest are not made on time and the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH unsuccessfully sets a reasonable grace period without payment, Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Consumption costs (electricity and water) are not included in the rent, unless otherwise agreed and will be charged separately on departure. Decisive is the price list valid at the time of booking. The guest is required to pay a deposit before handing over the accommodation. Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to withdraw all amounts still to be paid by the guest on departure from this deposit.

If the statutory sales tax changes between the conclusion of the rental agreement and the period of use, the prices increase by the resulting increase. Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH will inform the guest immediately about the price increase. If the total price to be paid by the guest increases by more than 3%, the guest is entitled to cancel the reservation free of charge within a period of 10 calendar days from receipt of the notification.

3. Cancellation / termination for good cause

The guest is entitled at any time to cancel / cancel the booking. Decisive is the receipt of the cancellation. We recommend to declare the cancellation in writing. Cancellations incur the following costs:

45 to 31 days before arrival 10% 

30 to 15 days before arrival 50% des Mietpreises

14 to10 days before arrival 80% 

9 to 1 days before arrival 100% 

- For cancellations on the day of arrival or no-show / no-show, Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to demand a lump-sum rent loss of         100% of the agreed rent.
- If the early bird rate is canceled, Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to demand a lump-sum rent loss of 100% of the agreed rent.

The Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH takes an onetime handling fee of 25,00 EUR per object in case the booking will be cancelled within the cost free cancellation period.

The tenant reserves the right to prove that a lesser or no rent loss has occurred.

The right of termination for cause remains unaffected for both parties. The legal regulations apply. If the important reason lies in the breach of an obligation under the contract, the termination is only after unsuccessful expiry of a specified period for remedial action or after unsuccessful warning. If the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH terminates the contract for reasons for which the guest is responsible, this is due to an important reason. Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to assert a lump-sum rental loss - if applicable pro rata - in accordance with the cancellation policy. The assertion of a further damage remains the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH reserved. The guest is free to prove that less or no damage has occurred.

4. Force majeure

If it comes to disruptions in the business for reasons that are not responsible for the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH, in particular strike or lockout and other cases of force majeure, based on an unforeseen, involuntary event and lead to serious breakdowns, by the performance of the contract for the Landlord becomes impossible, both parties are entitled to rescind the contract. In this case Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is entitled to the proportionate remuneration for the rental period that has elapsed so far. Further claims are excluded on both sides.

5. Subletting / assignment

Without the consent of Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH, the guest is not entitled to sublet or lease the rented holiday apartment to third parties. An assignment of the guest's claims is only permitted with the prior consent of Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH.

6. Obligations of the tenant / occupancy

The guest is obliged to handle the holiday home and the inventory with care and to take care of other guests. The accommodation may only be used by the number of persons stated in the contract. Any use by more persons entitles Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH to extraordinary termination of the contract. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 must not be left unattended in the holiday home. The accommodation is from the guest swept clean (dishes clean, garbage disposal, etc.) to leave.

7. Pets

Pets are welcome in the holiday homes in the Schlosspark Bad Saarow. Per house can be brought up to 2 pets. Pets must be registered in advance when booking the accommodation. Dogs must be kept on a leash on the grounds of the castle park. Dog toilets are available in the Schlosspark Bad Saarow.

8. Warranty

In the case of complaints to the guest, the guest is initially only entitled to a remedy. If this fails or if it is connected to the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH with an unreasonable effort, the guest can appropriately reduce the rent. If the stay is significantly impaired and the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH does not remedy the defect, the guest is entitled to terminate the contract.

9. Limitation / Limitation of Liability

All claims against the guest and / or the Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH become statute-barred in one year. The limitation period begins with the departure date provided in the booking.

The liability of Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH for damage to property and pecuniary loss is limited to three times the amount of the agreed rent. This does not apply to damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty.

10. Final provisions

A set-off against claims of Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH is only permitted with undisputed or legally binding claims.
Jurisdiction is Bad Saarow. German law applies.

The term "holiday home" also includes the following holiday properties: apartment, apartment.

Schlosspark Theresienhof GmbH